Burn Chest Fat
Burn Chest Fat
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5 Exercises To Burn Chest Fat

You want to burn chest fat or you have a problem with chest fat ,or you know someone who does.Since recent studies have shown us ,fat spot reduction is possible as long as we keep rep range in the fat burning zone,that means if you are working out ,you should do at least of 12-15 reps per set to keep your body in the fat burning zone.

Burn Chest Fat Fast With These Exercises

Burn Chest Fat
Burn Chest Fat

1.Bench Press

Okay,so here we have a bench press.the first thing you notice in the gym is the bench press,right?This exercise is the best for removing some fat from your chest area as long as you do 12-15 reps as mentioned above.Do at least 5 sets with 12-15 reps each.


Dips are popular exercise among the bodybuilders because it shows how much strength you have and if you can do dips with some extra dumbells weight you will have that alpha male status in your gym.But dips are also great for removing that stubborn chest fat if you do them properly.

3.Cable Flyes

Cable Flyes are great if you properly isolate your chest muscles.You can even do kneeling cable flyes for more muscle tension and you will burn chest fat faster than ever.

4.Push Ups

Perform push-ups. Push-ups help to develop the muscles in your chest, back and shoulders.You can even do them at home if you want.Complete as many push-ups as you can in 1 minute. Rest and repeat again for a minute, completing 5 minutes total.

Exercises like the bench press, flyes, pushups and so on will target the pectoralis muscle, and that muscle is located underneath fat

5.Barbell Incline Bench Press

Isolate your pectorals by doing barbell incline bench press Complete bench press using heavy weight enough to feel muscle tension.This is one of the best exercises for burning fat which is accumulated in your chest area.Keep doing this exercise and you will feel and look great ,not to mention,you will feel better than ever.

If you are gaining more muscle in that chest area you may indeed improve the overall appearance of your chest if you do one of these exercises mentioned above,so happy lifting and burn that CHEST FAT!

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